At the age of 20, I left my life in Holland behind for a two-day sailing journey to Bergen, Norway.

Months of walking solo along lonesome tracks through extreme temperatures resulted in my awareness of, and being at one with nature. White noise gradually faded, allowing for insights and conversations (aloud) interviewing myself about meaning and purpose. 

With a profound appreciation of natural beauty, I realized I had a potential to design, using nature as my point of inspiration. I made the commitment to learn a variety of basic trades to give me the skills from which to apply my heartfelt principal.


The first person I encountered after this epiphany was a 63 year old, the youngest of six brothers. Working alongside this family team for two years, they taught me numerous skills of classic boat restoration using only hand tools due to no electricity. 

Extreme seasonal changes made for an understanding of body, mind and spirit with this elder and his brothers as my guides. Board and lodging in exchange for labor resulted in enough knowledge towards the next of the many working experiences leading up to migrating to Australia in 1982.


From Japanese inspired furniture to set design, exhibition, landscape and outdoor design to interior and product design; I ultimately found my biggest passion in 2002 for architectural design. The combination of the many is what holds the essence of noekdesign, with the emphasis on architecture.


Both new dwelling design and renovation design (alterations and additions) are all scope of works with no restriction to location.


Our relationship with nature is an intrinsic part of my design attitude; where natural materials and spatial awareness are innate to anyone’s wellbeing.